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Why classes are valuable
Joe Kane Productions offers a series of educational seminars tailored to everyone from consumers, A/V dealers, custom installer, manufacturer, and the program production community. The company covers such a large cross section of the industry because every part of it is important - if one falters, accurate images will not be delivered to viewers. The seminars help each group understand their relationship to the others.

Upon completion of a JKP Training Seminar, participants will have received a foundation in the entire communication system and more about their individual responsibility to the system. A two-day seminar will not make anyone an expert in the industry; however, it will provide them with the building blocks to advance their knowledge. For this reason, JKP Training is divided into separate levels, each focusing on different aspects of video image reproduction. JKP trained professionals will help bring confidence to consumers that they are seeing images that closely reflect the communication systems capability.

Classes may be tailored to the needs of the groups involved.

Level I Training:
Introduction to Display Technology

Topics include:
  • Basic evolution of the video system
  • An analysis of different display technologies, including a basic explanation of how they work and their pros and cons relative to system standards
  • A look at video connection technologies including the differences and potential of each
  • A look at passive elements in the video path such as screen materials for projectors
  • A discussion of Human Factors in the way we see visual information
  • The roll of the environment of the display in what we see
Level II Training:
Understanding Video Signals This seminar is designed as an intermediate course focusing on proper system setup.

Topics include:
  • Basic theory of analog and digital video signals
  • An overview of various types of test equipment and their respective uses
  • Setting correct levels based on test patterns and system knowledge
  • Explanations of grayscale, gamma, signal clipping/crushing, assessing and adjusting for edge enhancement, determining the correct processing mode, and advanced usage of test patterns included on the Professional version of Digital Video Essentials.
Level III Training:
Advanced Systems Calibration This seminar is designed for the experienced video technician covering advanced calibration and system analysis techniques.

Topics include:
  • Troubleshooting Component Video and Digital Video Systems
  • Analyzing the video signal utilizing waveform monitors and vector-scopes
  • Checking system integrity
  • Adjusting the output of DVD players and video processors using a waveform monitor/vector-scope
  • Discussion of troubleshooting DVI and HDMI signal routing and switching
  • Dealing with digital copy protection issues
  • General home theater set-up best practices