In today's video industry individual components play a major role. Video systems are becoming more complex not only at the broadcasting level, but also at the consumer level. Every link in the chain is important - if one falters, the most accurate images will not be delivered. For this reason JKP Labs offers consulting services on system design. Our team of specialists is dedicated to the development of video systems tailored to each individual's requirements. From the room environment to the cables utilized JKP will help specify every aspect of the video system.

JKP Labs also offers demonstration services to help educate the industry on the difference between the various video systems, as well as the transition to high-definition television, or HDTV. We have supported the transition of ABC, Disney, and WB network to the HDTV format.

The JKP Team has also provided consulting and monitor calibration services to CBS, Fox, and NBC studios helping to usher in a higher standard of quality.

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