For years Joe Kane Productions has been actively involved in providing consulting services for manufacturers on everything from display devices, video processors, screen materials, cables, and more. Our goal is to assist in the development of products designed to operate according to system standards and at the maximum capability that current technologies will allow.

With this in mind Joe Kane Productions has been involved in award winning products from many companies including Faroudja Laboratories where we helped in the development of the industry's first reference quality upconverter - the LD-100. JKP Labs was also involved in the critically acclaimed Snell and Wilcox Interpolator. In the world of film screens JKP Labs directed the development of Stewart Filmscreen's award winning Studiotek 130 and the new Grayhawk RS screen material. Other clients have included Runco International, and Princeton where JKP assisted in developing the critically acclaimed CRT based projectors and an HDTV direct-view monitor.

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