Joe Kane Productions provides international consulting services focusing on the science of electronic imaging.

Since the early 1980's Joe Kane Productions has played an integral part in the technical side of the entertainment industry with their renowned consulting services. JKP Labs participates the systems committees, laying the groundwork for 'state of the art' electronic image reproduction. Having consulted broadcasters, post-production facilities, manufacturers, and consumers, JKP Labs brings extensive experience and knowledge of all aspects of the industry.

The advent of DVD, HDTV, and digital display devices has brought new challenges to the professional and consumer electronics industries. Modern programming is pushing the limits of the latest equipment. JKP Labs is at the forefront of actively creating products to accurately represent all forms of programming. Consumers and media professionals around the globe are pursuing consistent high-quality program material and products. In response to the demand for reference quality products, manufacturers are turning to JKP Labs. Our consulting team is ready to take on projects at any stage of development allowing our team to easily integrate with the current engineers.

Our Consulting Services Include JKP Licensing Program Coming Soon!