DVE HD Basics – Blu-ray & HD DVD

Get The Most Out Of Your HDTV. . . Get Back To BASICS

Both the HD DVD and the Blu-ray versions of this program were brought to market in March 2008. The HD DVD had a bookmarks capability we weren't able to include to the Blu-ray version at the time we authored both discs. Otherwise they are essentially the same.

"Where Would You Like To Start?"

HD Basics begins with this simple question. The straightforward menu will take you directly where you want to go.

A printed "road map" included with this program will help you determine if your home system is connected for optimal performance.

Some of the features of both programs include:

  • Easy to use menu system
  • A 'quick set-up' option including an in depth description and explanation of how to use specific test patterns to calibrate your display
  • Audio calibration test signals
  • A 97 minute overview of the basics of HDTV
  • Introduction to the world of creating HDTV programs
  • Audio commentary by Cinematographer Allen Daviau
  • Audio commentary by Joe Kane for the demonstration materials
  • Joe Kane's custom Tri-Color reference Filter
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but still available at retail.

DVE Test & Demonstration Materials

This program came to market in April 2007 and was released as an HD DVD Combo disc. The standard definition NTSC or PAL DVD was on one side, depending on the market into which it was being sold, and the HD DVD on the other side. The standard definition side contained the tutorial information supporting much of the test and demonstration materials on the HD DVD side.

New video formats need test and demonstration materials as a benchmark for performance. DVE Test & Demonstration Materials became reference for what could be done in the HD DVD format. The program combined 720p and 1080p VC-1 encoded materials (the first time 720p had been used in HD DVD), and included a 720p/60 demonstration. The VC-1 codec was chosen because at the time it delivered the best looking pictures available for the HD DVD format. Critical test materials particular to 720p or 1080p were created in that domain and have not been converted. The program also included extensive use of text files to drive the menu system, as well as test patterns such as Reverse Gray Ramps with Steps, Shallow Ramps and Colored Ramps which have been properly generated in HD.

Other features include:

  • Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby True HD Calibration materials
  • Color filters to assist in calibration
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DVE Pro – A Six Disc DVD set

From the producers of the critically acclaimed Video Essentials comes DIGITAL VIDEO ESSENTIALS: PROFESSIONAL EDITION. This six disc DVD/ HD-DVD set provides diagnostic tools necessary to the professional audio/ video technician. For engineering, manufacturing, testing, or calibrating, DVE: PRO includes the test signals required for accurate reproduction of audio and video at the highest level of quality.

Education and support for DVE: PRO goes beyond the enclosed six disc collection, via the web-enabled interactivity software included in this package. By registering your copy of DVE: PRO online, you will gain instant access to articles, updated test materials, priority access to JKP events, and more! It's as simple as loading disc four into your computer and following the registration instructions.

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In the early days of HDTV the only consumer distribution format for HDTV was D-Theater®. In May of 2003 we brought out two versions of DVE in this format, one in 1080i and the other is 720p. Each had a run time of about two hours. The materials were MPEG-2 encoded. There was only one replication run of about 1,500 tapes for each format. The program was indexed so you could fast forward to particular sections of the program. The tape format had a pause capability that would allow individual test patterns to be on screen longer than they were on the tape. Test patterns we felt would be used a lot were included at the end of program in longer lengths, just in case a section of tape wore out while in the pause mode.

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but still available at retail.


In the 1950s, the "TV GUY" brought your new set home and tuned it for you. Then came the 1970s where we drifted into "plug and play" with the viewer doing all of the tuning. By the 1990s, component video was making its way into the home, and we released Video Essentials to help you get it right. In 2003, as we were making the transition from standard definition to high definition TV JKP introduced Digital Video Essentials.

The DVE calibration disc looks at system setup from the point of view of creating a canvas for works of electronic art. We've created NTSC, PAL and HDTV versions of DVE that provide a unified set of instructions and test patterns that work with all three formats. From acoustic and visual environment of a high quality system, to audio and video setup, Digital Video Essentials is the "TV Guy" of the 21st Century.

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