(Central European Representation)
Founded on May 26th, 2008 near Cologne, Germany, managing director Marcel Gonska laid the foundation for the worldwide operating A/V consulting company White Light Consultations (WLC). The company specializes in consultation and sales of audio-video products. Though a young company, the managing director looks back on more than 10 years of experience in the AV business in total.

European Operations
White Light Consultations is the official European representative (excluding Scandinavia) of Joe Kane Productions (JKP). Through WLC, JKP will bring its message; “It’s all about the art” to the European A/V community. WLC is also an official training partner for “ColorFacts® trainings” in Europe for Datacolor.

In the pursuit of providing ultimate quality to customers, the WLC founder had undergone extensive training and testing. In addition to a week long training and examination session by Joe Kane, Mr. Gonska is a THX Certified Home Theater Level 2 Technician, and features an individual SMPTE membership.

To bring the JKP message to the European community, WLC offers product optimization consultation, R&D support, marketing and public relations consultation, dealer training and consumer education services.

Unites States Operations
While founded in Germany, WLC is expanding internationally with its eye on the US market. With expertise developed over years of work in the European Union, WLC looks forward to bringing exceptional quality in service to the United States market.

Product optimization
WLC offers product optimization reporting and consulting as part of its wider consulting solution, providing the foundation for a given clients vertically integrated marketing and product solution.

Dealer Trainings
WLC offers professional sales and dealer training as the final rung of its consulting latter. Through the above noted co-operations, WLC offers various customized training options and programs. Premier training opportunities include JKP Level 1 – 2 training classes which are held either directly at the POS (Point of Sales) or at designated off-site locations.