What does endorsement mean?
The JKP endorsement is our way of signifying that a product is capable of exceptional performance. All products endorsed by JKP are subjected to comprehensive testing and additional random sampling to make sure the initial quality endorsed is maintained.

In some cases, technology specifications allow room for interpretation, or flexibility when implementing certain hardware, or software functionality. This can lead to hardware incompatibility. Our endorsement is a statement that we believe all hardware and software implementations in a given product meets or exceeds what we consider a minimum operating standard and interoperability. Therefore, all JKP endorsed products will work together under normal circumstances.

Each consumer has different demands when reproducing video. For example, one consumer may have significant ambient light in their viewing environment while the next might view video in an environment with no ambient light. For this reason, we provide supporting materials explaining why, and under what conditions we have endorsed each product.

Look for the endorsement sign of excellence in video quality